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Welcome to ExpressMeasures, where precision meets a warm touch to bring your architectural dreams to life! We’re thrilled to be your go-to for top-notch As-Built measurement surveys and drafting services, catering to architects, designers, builders, real estate pros, and more.

At ExpressMeasures, we go beyond accuracy; we’re your creative allies in the design journey. Our meticulous As-Built surveys capture a structure’s allure, and then, like architectural wizards, we create plans for your remodeling or expansions.

What sets us apart? It’s not just our measurement proficiency; it’s our commitment to collaboration and innovation. We work with you, tailoring our services to your distinct needs. Our drafting expertise turns measurements into vibrant 2D floor plans and lively 3D models for your projects.

ExpressMeasures follows a friendly yet professional philosophy. We’re not just tech-savvy; we’re people-savvy. Your satisfaction guides us, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and impressive design journey.

Whether dreaming up a masterpiece or giving your space a makeover, trust ExpressMeasures as your reliable companion. We’re not just measuring; we’re making magic. Join us on this design adventure, where precision meets personality in As-Built measurement surveys and drafting services!


Tailored Services for Every Client


architects and interior designers:

Prior to initiating any architectural project, obtaining an As-Built survey of the current building is essential. We offer precise services, including Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Elevations, Roof Plans, Electrical & HVAC mapping, Fire alarm sys mapping and more. Streamline your project work with confidence, minimizing challenges across all your undertakings at an competitive prices due to our measurment methods.

builders, contractors and developers:

We understand that accuracy and efficiency are critical in the construction and development stages. With our expertise and special method of measuring, we can provide precise as-built measurements, allowing builders, contractors, and developers to make informed decisions and minimize costly errors. We  work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their unique needs, delivering high-quality results on a quick turnover time within budget. Whether it’s for renovation projects, new construction, or real estate development, our Drafting and Design services provide a solid foundation for success. Choose us as your as-built surveyors and drafting provider and experience the benefits firsthand.

property owners & managers, REal estate pros:

Property professionals utilize as-built surveys and architectural drawings for space planning, ensuring compliance with regulations, optimizing leasing strategies, managing assets efficiently, facilitating insurance and valuation processes, and aiding construction and maintenance planning. These services enable informed decision-making, efficient space utilization, legal compliance, and effective property marketing, contributing to successful property management and development. If a new tenant needs a new office floor plan or if a BOMA Analysis is needed for space planning and optimization or property valuation, we are here for you.

Homeowners & Single family homes investors:

Plan your dream home journey with us! Whether you’re building anew, expanding your space, or renovating, our As-Built Surveys and Drafting services offer ideal solutions for homeowners and investors. Prior to commencing your project in any of these phases such as interior design, City Permit documentation, securing financing with a lander, and planning energy-efficient enhancements. From shaping living spaces to resolving property disputes, constructing an addition to your home, and boosting energy efficiency – we’re your trusted partner in realizing your dream home goals.

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